Time to plan your annual general meeting


For Swedish limited liability companies (“aktiebolag”) with a financial year corresponding to the calendar year, time is due to start planning the upcoming annual general meeting. Many companies consider this to be a burdensome administrative exercise, but please take a few moments to consider how you can unleash the potential in the general meeting.

  • For all companies with external investors, the general meeting is an excellent opportunity to combine business with pleasure and make the annual general meeting an occasion for shareholders, board members and management to meet and discuss opportunities and challenges coming ahead – Synch will gladly take a hands on full responsibility to host your general meetings in our welcoming premises in central Stockholm,
  • In addition to approving the annual accounts and taking other mandatory resolutions, consider whether there are any other matters on which shareholder approval may be considered during the forthcoming business year. For example, if the company is planning to raise additional financing or implement a management incentive programme, a board authorization to resolve on certain equity issuances may facilitate and speed up the process. Synch can advise on the opportunities available in connection with the general meeting, and will gladly assist in preparing the requisite documentation, notice procedures and registration matters,
  • For companies traded on a stock exchange, additional requirements apply, for example regarding the appointment of a nomination committee, remuneration guidelines and curricular information of any new board members. Companies with an extended shareholder circuit and companies planning an IPO should familiarize themselves with these rules and consider whether certain provisions should be applied, as they reflect what is considered to constitute good corporate governance in Sweden and are welcomed by the investor Community,
  • Even the very smallest companies with one or few shareholders need to ensure that the annual general meeting is held and documented in accordance with law. We created our digital service WeSynch to make all that easier.
  • Have you updated and complete documentation for protocols and resolutions? Please use our free service WeSynch Contract where you have access to the complete legal administrative basis for the management of your company. WeSynch Contract includes documentation to assist in your corporate housekeeping bench marked to the standards of the world’s leading investors and venture capitalists. You get access to the combined industry expertise of Synch’s legal experts and can browse more than 60 documents available in Swedish and in English.

Regardless of your size and needs, Synch has the experience and tools to help you out and make the most of your annual general meeting. Do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss your needs in connection with the 2016 annual general meeting.

Contact: Oskar Belani or Andreas Börjesson

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