SynchLab has been with Synch from the start, as technology is closest to the heart of Synch’s business operations. Within SynchLAB we gather our innovation resources, and this is also where Synch develops and tests new tools, services, business models and ideas.

Synch strives for simplification by increasing accessibility and making the handling of legal services in an as efficient, pragmatic and transparent way as possible. For us at Synch, it is important to create value.

The projects within SynchLab include internal research and development projects, but also collaboration projects together with external parties.

Synch has a dedicated team that constantly works with innovation and whom at the same time encourages Synch’s employees to actively participate in the innovation-, testing- and development process. We believe in curiosity and the willingness to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the development of technology, which are also typical characteristics of our employees.



We believe that artificial intelligence can be used to further increase efficiency and provide a perspective beyond human legal advice. Synch has AI tools developed by us already which are used in order to streamline the legal process. Below you will find some of these.

  DPA AI   Privacy Policy Check   Legal AI Blog
An AI tool developed for companies which reviews Data Processing Agreements. An ambition of ours with the tool is for legal departments to save 75% of the time they currently spend on manually reviewing DPAs. A tool free-of-charge based on AI that has already been used in 60 countries and on all continents of the world. The tool evaluates whether a Privacy Policy meets the GDPR requirements.
The next step is to create a more advanced service.
On our AI blog we keep you updated with the latest trends and developments in AI. A very interesting read for anyone interested in the development of AI within law.

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey!


The first innovation that came out of Synchlab was WeSynch with its range of digital services. WeSynch was launched in early 2015 and is constantly evolving. In the WeSynch portal you will find services such as a board portal, contract management, templates and information documents, effective due diligence tools used for preparation regarding investment, raising capital or selling. Read more about our digital services here.

We work continuously to produce and develop standardized solutions that our clients can benefit from. In the WeSynch portal we also work with specific demands such as contract automation, or a tool that enables a searchable overview of your legal exposure.

If you have an idea of how you want to simplify a work flow in your company, do not hesitate to contact us we may have already developed the solution.


We created WeSynch Create in collaboration with iDefendo. Here, through our digital platform WeSynch, we provide a service for those who want to protect their creation in the form of source code, music, images or texts. With the help of an “evidence binder” you can follow all the changes made in your document.


We are constantly working to simplify processes. That DocuSign is integrated into our WeSynch products is therefore a given. We were also part of the project as one of the test teams for DocuSign’s launch of BankID being integrated into the service. This was a very valuable integration that benefits us, when it comes to thinking sustainably and in the long-term.



We have soon completed our new product Synch Whistle. A tool that we will offer our clients as soon as the law comes into force. This tool will also be used internally with us here at Synch.


Synch DPO is a product that we work with, that will help data protection officers deal with GDPR issues.


PPC-Premium is step two in our already developed free version. This work is on-going and soon we will see the result.



We want to support early LegalTech-companies and therefore we launched Synch Sandbox. Through the program, we offer the participating teams with support regarding everything from product testing and evaluation to mentoring and access to investors.


We are proud organizers of the Global Legal Hackathon in Stockholm, which occurs annually in February. The Global Legal Hackathon is aimed at law firms, LegalTech companies, law programmes and public bodies in order to bring together innovators in the legal field. The goal is to create rapid development of solutions.



Synch Competence is our in-house developed internal tool to quickly see who has the best competence for your assignment. This tool also forms the basis of our individual personal development goals. This is much appreciated by HR, team leaders as well as our employees.


We work in accordance with an optimised innovation process that, in broad strokes, looks similar to the picture below. In this way we have a clear process that everyone can take part in at different stages.


Legal Design is a relatively new concept in which Synch has a great interest for. With Legal Design you design the law so that it becomes more accessible to non-lawyers. If you have an idea that you struggle with, you are welcome to contact us.