08 november

How to give and get more in the boardroom? – learn about how you can use powerful psychology to improve collaboration in every board

The board of directors is an exceptional group of people that come together to perform work in a way that is very different from most other groups.

Before the Enron debacle, boards managed themselves and could in most cases be able to integrate the responsibility towards shareholders and other stakeholders with the task of supporting the leadership and the organization to rise to their full potential.

In today’s world with the emerging audit society, things are different. It is evident that boards can fail. Advanced formal processes are mandated and the pressure that is being put on boards today is increasing the level of difficulty of board work. Often the members of the board become increasingly separated from the work that goes on in the organization, and they become impaired in their ability to contribute and collaborate.

Typically, little information leaks out from the boardroom. It is a closed environment. The examples we learn about are often the crisis situations when the board and the organization have failed to recover. In hindsight, we may think that the board lost contact with reality and wondered how they could fail to see that themselves?

One approach we can use to understand what goes on in boards is group dynamics and collaboration patterns. When we use this perspective, we see that challenges often relate to suboptimal patterns of interaction. These challenges are in most cases possible to start to address with simple tools that can be used by almost anyone.

Many of us who serve on boards are frustrated with that role because we think we could provide more value than we do, but we rarely talk about these frustrations.

This seminar is an introduction to how you can start using group dynamics as an active tool that can help you improve collaboration and value creation under normal working conditions.

We will cover practical examples of common dilemmas and early interventions that can put the board back on track. Some of the themes that we will explore are:

– The board and the major stakeholders
– What happens between meetings?
– The board and the management team
– The chair and the chief executive

We will conclude by sharing a simple and practical approach that you can use on the boards that you are a member of to assess ways for you to
improve both what you give and what you get in the boardroom.

Anders Risling is an author of 8 books, and he is among the most experienced organizational psychologist in Sweden with experience from growth companies, large enterprises, Public sector, and NGOs. During the last decade, one of his main focus areas has been improving ways of working in the field between the management team, board, and external stakeholders.

Michael Mandahl is a partner in a venture capital fund. 15 years as a serial
entrepreneur followed by 15 years as a VC has put him 500 mistakes ahead of most people. Michael serves on boards in 5 countries and has a particular interest in how to release the human potential with transparency and improved interpersonal dynamics.

Breakfast is served from 8.30 AM and the seminar starts 9.00 AM.

SING UP HERE: RSVP latest Monday November 5th to Susanne Bonnier
(limited numbers of seats)


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