WeSynch Early stage review

What is WeSynch Early Stage Review?

Synch’s product “Early Stage Review”, is a packaged due diligence service for (i) investors or (ii) early stage companies who wish to prepare themselves for financing from a third party investor, who have identified a need for an internal sanity-check in relation to their legal matters for other reasons, or who wishes to ensure a high standard of corporate housekeeping and thereby facilitating legal and regulatory compliance.

The result of the review is an indicative overview of the legal status of the company from a Swedish law perspective, detailed in a written report. The report is based on our identification of deviations from an assessment of certain pre-defined legal assumptions that we deem to be of particular interest for early stage companies, from an investor’s perspective.

The idea of the Early Stage Review is to offer a simple, cost effective and swift process. The whole process is estimated to take no more than approximately four weeks in total.

In short, we carry out our Early Stage Review in the following steps:

  1. Introductory meeting
  2. A collaboration-site (virtual data room) on WeSynch is opened for the company
  3. The company uploads relevant (as requested) documentation
  4. We review the documentation
  5. We draft and deliver a brief and standardized report presenting an indicative overview of the legal status of the company
  6. Following the delivery of the report, assistance with any deviations found as well as recommended actions based on the report are discussed with the company


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Emma Lundberg

Email: emma.lundberg@synchlaw.se
Cell phone: +46 761 761 953