WeSynch Corporate

What is WeSynch Corporate?

WeSynch Corporate is a digital platform and consists of modules such as contract management, board site, global e-Signature, autogenerated documents which can be used together or stand alone. An easy description of this service is a complex digital binder where your corporate documents and agreements never leaves the platform whether you need to share it with your auditor, parts or whole of your organization or external parties.

WeSynch Corporate is our most complete and flexible service and can be used with or without our legal expertise. You chose the structure, metadata and which modules that suits your business. You have access to the service online, offline via web or app.

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Are you struggling with keeping corporate documentation in order?
Are you in need to minimize unexpected work due to critical expiration dates that has been forgotten?
Do you need to contact your lawyer to find your latest minutes, documentation or agreements?
Do you think that your colleague does not have documentation in order?
Have you been thinking of digitalize physical documentation?

If you find yourself saying yes to any of the questions above WeSynch Corporate is the service for you.

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