Prohibition of Assembly

With effect from 18 March 2020 at 10:00, the government has introduced a number of new measures to limit the spread of covid-19/coronavirus. The following points are of particular relevance to companies:

  • The Prohibition of Assembly: this is a temporary ban that prohibits holding or attending events, activities or the like where more than 10 people are gathered. The ban applies both indoors and outdoors and includes both public and private events, etc. The ban is in effect until 10 May, 2020.
  • The ban does not prevent more than 10 people from being present in the usual way and moving around, for example, in a shop, a supermarket, an airport or at a train station. Similarly, the general use of public transport (trains, buses, aircraft, ferries, etc.) and physical presence at a workplace are exempted from the rules. However, the government’s recommendations to private employers and business owners continue to apply. For more information visit

Link to the newly adopted legislation:

The Assembly Prohibition also effects the possibility of hosting the general meeting at the company, hence the Minister of Health and Elderly has extended the deadline for submission of the annual reports. To read more about this read our latest article on the matter.