Synch Incentive

Off-the-Shelf or Haute Couture

Synch is a one-stop shop for incentive programmes. Together with our partners we can offer you our off-the-shelf product Synch Incentive at a fixed price or we can help you create your own customised incentive programme, our version of haute couture. Synch has extensive experience working with incentive programmes in all segments, from start-ups to publicly listed companies. We are passionate about helping companies attract key competences.

Incentive programmes made uncomplicated

Synch Incentive is a product designed by Synch to give qualified advice regarding security-based incentive programmes at a fixed price. With Synch your company get the whole process, including warrant valuation and tax assessment, as a single product. Synch Incentive is specifically tailored to make sure the company only need to make decisions about the most important terms to consider, in order to make the process as simple as possible.

  • Qualified advice at a fixed price
  • One-stop shop
  • Time efficient and simple

Process overview

  1. Term Sheet
  2. Warrant Valuation
  3. Agreement and terms
  4. Tax statement
  5. Issue of warrants
  6. Subscription and payment
  7. Allotment and registration


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Why did you choose to implement an incentive programme?

We wanted to create a sense of community amongst our employees – make them feel as part of the company rather than working for somebody else. We also saw that this kind of benefit provides a strong competitive edge when we look at how other, often more traditional companies motivate and reward their employees.

 Why did you choose Synch?

We experienced an unprecedented clarity and transparency in Synch's offer. It was easy to understand what we bought and we felt safe in what we could expect from the service. In addition, we knew what it would cost. We also felt that Synch understood our challenges and what we needed, which made us feel safe throughout the process. Synch is responsive and active, and their option programs are clear and easy to implement. I would definitely recommend others to choose Synch's one-stop shop for option programs.

Product information

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