Force Majeure

Companies are now facing challenges in their businesses based on the global spread of the corona virus, and questions are likely to arise regarding existing agreements. The ability to fulfil contractual obligations can be affected by situation created by the pandemic, including for example by restrictions and recommendations issued by the authorities. Force majeure clauses may relieve a party from performance, when prevented by certain circumstances beyond the party’s control. Such clauses, and their exact wording, should be scrutinized in situations like the one we are facing now, in case you need to cancel e.g. events, meetings, purchase orders or other contractual commitments which you are unable to fulfil due to the effects of the pandemic.

In the event you do not have any force majeure clauses in your agreements, we recommend you review them and any related documentation in order to assess any possibilities of invoking a relief from performance, as well as to ensure the inclusion of proper force majeure clauses in future agreements.

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