The primary role of the Data protection officer (“DPO”) is to ensure that their organisation processes the personal data of its staff, customers, providers or any other individuals (also referred to as data subjects) in compliance with the applicable data protection rules. The DPO shall present a data protection report to the board of directors periodically.

To simplify this process for our clients we have created a digital tool where our client can follow all the steps on the way of the process in a digital format. In the portal the legal team at the company together with the DPO at Synch have access to the same information what concerns Data Breaches, Policy Reviews and what step to take next.

When the time has come for the Compliance team and DPO to create the report to the Board of Directors the Compliance team answers questions digitally and the DPO will provide the report based on those answers. The process is smooth and the compliance team has access to the provided information.

In the portal we also share the latest news of relevant legal topics. There are also room for adjustments in order to fit your needs.

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