An efficient way to review Data Processing Agreements

The DPA AI is a tool which leverages deep learning technology to analyze a Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”) in seconds. By using DPA AI, our customers aim to save up to 75% of the time compared to manual review of a DPA. You will in seconds get access to a detailed compliance report that will inform you if your DPA meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The result of the review is a detailed compliance report which states what sections in the DPA that are compliant with the GDPR, what sections are not compliant with the GDPR, and suggestions on how to make the non-compliant sections compliant.

How Do You Use It?

There are four ways to use DPA AI. No matter which one you choose, the same detailed compliance report is provided.

  • Online interface - You access DPA AI in your web-browser with pre-issued login credentials provided by Synch.
  • Microsoft Word add-in - Synch provides you with an installation file which provides DPA AI functionality directly in MS Word.
  • Email - Send an email, with an attached DPA , to the dedicated DPA AI email address and receive your compliance report in seconds.
  • API - Synch can provide access to the API if you would like to integrate the DPA AI functionality with your own software.

Dpa Ai technical outline

DPA AI makes use of state-of-the-art deep learning technology to review data processing agreements (DPAs) for compliance with the GDPR. The DPA AI neural networks were custom-built and trained on tens of thousands of DPA clauses provided by our customers and reviewed and labelled by our lawyers. All stages of the DPA AI functionality, from clause extraction and named entity recognition to compliance logic evaluation and results presentation, were developed in close collaboration between our software development and legal departments. 


Contact us!

Please contact us if you would like to hear more about the DPA AI or how we can help you and your company to become GDPR compliant in a smooth and efficient manner.

Magnus Sundqvist

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