Deferral of taxes (Sw. Anstånd med inbetalning av skatter och avgifter)

On Monday 16 March 2020, the Swedish government issued actions regarding deferral of taxes to help companies through the difficult situation caused by COVID-19.

The actions regarding deferral of taxes applies to social security tax for employees (employer contribution and preliminary salary taxes) and VAT that are reported monthly or quarterly. The period for deferral varies, but is usually set to two months. It can however be applied for a maximum period of 12 months.

The new rules will enter into force on 7 April 2020, but can be applied retroactively from 1 January 2020. This means that if the company paid the taxes in February and March, the tax can be refunded from the Swedish Tax Agency.

Please note that the benefit is only a deferral, not a tax cut and the full amount, including interest, must be paid. If the deferred payment is not paid on time, the company’s representative risks personal liability for payment, in accordance with current rules.

At Synch, we are happy to assist you with the application for deferral.

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