COVID-19 The World Health Organization has characterised COVID-19 as pandemic. Companies and people are experiencing a lot of pressure and stress. The financial markets are more volatile than ever due to the uncertainty how this pandemic will unfold. We see governments, agencies, organisations, companies and individuals taking new precautions every day in order to restrict and limit COVID-19 and the effects.

Synch monitors the situation closely to ensure that we appropriately address the safety of our people, our customers, and others with whom we work. We have prepared our organisation and implemented relevant safeguards in our offices in accordance with International and local recommendations and instructions. We have a modern organisation with a robust continuity strategy and are confident that we are well prepared to operate even under tough conditions. We have full digital access to all our information and will be able to operate and support our customers, remotely if we have to, without interruption. It is important for us that our customers can rely on the availability and continued performance of Synch also during the most challenging times. For more information about what we are doing as a firm or how we are prepared to help you, please contact any member of our team.

Please see below for the latest information on our offices and how to contact us.

Stockholm office
Stockholm office is open by appointment, we follow the recommendations of Folkhälsomyndigheten.
We are fully operational and available over telephone and other digital means.

Copenhagen office
The Copenhagen practice is in full operation and available on phone and email as per usual. However, in accordance with the recommendations from the Danish government, we are mainly working from home and most physical meetings have been reorganised and conducted as digital meetings.

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Anders Hellström
Cell phone: +46 761 761 990

Sara Sparring
Cell phone: +46 761 761 976

Niels Dahl Nielsen

Cell phone: +45 4030 9749