Synch has been a trusted advisor to Swedish start-up Pichit in enabling the commercialization of the company’s products including the integration of the product into Microsoft products by assisting with commercial agreements.


What is Pichit?

Pichit is a Swedish emerging company providing a global marketplace for photographs. Pichit is a marketplace that connects billions of people in need of photos with the billions of people with a camera. Anyone can become a user of Pichit and upload their images and thereby sell their images via the marketplace to users in need of a photo, e.g. for a presentation or when creating a website. For more information click here.


The Challenge

Pichit faced the challenge of making their products available to a large market. Their business model is built on the possibility to scale, and therefore it was of great importance to find a good partner in the distribution of the marketplace. Pichit also needed to ensure the availability of high quality images in their eco-system. In Shutterstock, one of the world’s leading providers of images, Pichit found the ideal partner. Thereafter, the company addressed Microsoft and after some time of negotiations, the parties agreed to incorporate the Pichit marketplace for images into Microsoft products.


The Solution

Synch’s Advisory Services team worked with Pichit to ensure a good cooperation agreement with Shutterstock, and in addition to that Synch was engaged in the negotiations with Microsoft and provided legal advice regarding the commercial agreement ensuring the parties’ cooperation. Synch’s team consisted of Andreas Börjesson, Anders Hellström and Charlotta Emtefall.


“Synch has provided invaluable assistance in the process of reaching a global audience of our products. It feels safe to have such great experienced and engaged advisors as the lawyers of Synch. Synch understands the business of tech startups and knows how to deploy legal advice in such business. We just love Synch!”, says Henrik Bergqvist and Mathias Björkholm, Founders of Pichit.

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