Synch is legal adviser for GlobalConnect A/S that is one of the largest owners of telecommunication infrastructure with their 13.000 km fiber and 13.000 m2 data centre. Synch has assisted with a wide range of consultancy areas, including M&A, corporate law and customer agreements.

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Hiper is a start-up company within the business of broadband. Hiper has become the young internet users’ front runner when it comes to providing copper, coax and fiber platforms. Synch has provided legal advise for Hiper regarding the establishment, financing and regulatory relations.

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Synch has been the legal advisor for Globeteam, including the establisment of Globeteam’s unique consultancy model. Globeteam is one of the leading IT-consultancy companies in Denmark.  Since the establisment Globeteam has grown to one of the leading IT-consultancy companies in Denmark

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Synch advises regarding legal matters related to the platform, which is market leading tool for publicing, advertising, surveillance and monitoring of social tools. In addition is a fast-growing company in enterprise software.

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Nord Booking Agency

Synch has been a trusted advisor to Nord Booking Agency since the establishment. Synch has acted legal advisors to the agency and has given business oriented legal advices.

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Synch has been a trusted advisor to Swedish start-up Pichit in enabling the commercialization of the company’s products including the integration of the product into Microsoft products by assisting with commercial agreements.

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