Project and transactional services

The Projects and Transactional Services business unit is used to quickly engage the right team to fit the needs of your specific project or transaction, whether it is small or large, local or international. The client benefits from using the specific digital tools developed and deployed by our Digital Services business unit.


From time to time a client will have to handle projects that are not part of its daily business routine but are necessary for taking a big leap or making a shift within the organisation or business. It is important to make sure that any such project is completed on time and within budget and that it actually achieves the results agreed at the outset of the project.

Synch is used to handling small and large projects and will, together with the client, find the right processes and digital tools to make sure that the project is administered and executed as efficiently as possible.

Synch assists with strategy, assessment, planning, procurement, delivery, monitoring, management and follow-up of Projects.

Contact: Jim Runsten or Andreas Börjesson


Whether or not a client wants to achieve a cost reduction or transformation in its business or a combination of both, outsourcing may be the solution.

Synch is assisting clients in both IT outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing. The lawyers at Synch have represented both customers and suppliers and have a good understanding of best practice and what the triggers are.

Synch is able to assist in the planning stage of a potential outsourcing project and contribute in the strategic evaluation. Synch will draft, review, negotiate and assist with the administration of all documents related to outsourcing and also continue with contract management services after having concluded the Project.

Contact: Anders Hellström or Jim Runsten


The divestment or acquisition of a business is a major event in the life cycle of a company, and may also strain the resources of the buyer as well as of the seller. Synch’s team has substantial experience in guiding clients through the entire M&A process.

Synch assists sellers as well as buyers in both small and large transactions, including public take-over offers on the Swedish stock exchanges. We have the mind-set, experience and skills to advise and guide both first time and experienced sellers and buyers. Synch takes pride in carefully tailoring the palette of services to be provided to the client’s specific case and Synch sees value in spending time discussing the scope of services to be delivered. Synch also has the experience to understand where and how value can be created by applying legal tools and negotiation tactics.

Contact: Andreas Börjesson or Cecilia Thuresson


Throughout the years, Synch has developed extensive knowledge about the various means a company can use to finance its business during the different phases of its life span. Synch has substantial experience in advising companies and shareholders, as well as investors, in equity and debt financing projects.

Synch takes pride in its experience and understanding of early-phase financing – from the very first funds raised by entrepreneurs (“family and friends”), via seed capital and angel investments, to institutional growth capital raised in the first A-round and future fund raisings. In recent years, the phenomenon of crowd funding have surfaced as a complement to traditional venture capital in the financing of a company’s growth. Once the initial growth phase is over, the capital markets scene expands as regulated markets and other trading facilities open up access to a wider investor community and, eventually, global institutional capital. The legal complexity and stakeholder expectations will increase the further a company goes on this journey.  Synch’s experience ranges through all phases and Synch is prepared to follow its clients on their journey – from a bright idea to a multinational corporate.

Synch further takes pride in its vast network of early phase investors and crowdfunding actors, as well as contacts in the start-up community in Sweden and considers itself to be an integral part of this eco system.

Contact: Andreas Börjesson or Emma Lundberg


Throughout the business life cycle there will always be a need for financing business operations, e.g. for product/service development, shorten time to market, scaling a business domestically or to expand into new geographies or areas.

Synch has experience both in assisting growth companies in the very early stage with simple loan arrangements and in more complex project finance arrangements, rolling facilities, cash pool arrangements and other national or international debt financing arrangements, including hybrid arrangement including debt as well as equity components.

Debt financing very often involves complex security arrangements and covenants for the business going forward. For a lender, it is important that the security and covenants provide adequate security for the granted loans, while a borrower needs to ensure that these arrangements do not hinder the company’s growth or operations going forward.

With its experience in working with companies in all phases of their lifespan, Synch can assist already in the early planning of a financing project, provide input and assist in the evaluation of different financing alternatives and contribute in the strategic financing choice. Synch will draft, review, negotiate and assist with the administration of all documents. After closing of the financing, Synch offers contract management services that make it easier to follow-up on covenants and repayments.

Contact: Peter Eriksson or Andreas Börjesson