Synch’s business unit, Digital Services, has developed a number of services aimed at providing better and more flexible services to our clients. It also supports Synch’s other business units by making their service delivery more efficient. Within the business unit we also co-operate with leading external partners for the benefit of our clients.


WeSynch is the brand of a number of services that we have developed. Included in WeSynch are products suitable for any type of company from Start-ups to international companies. The services is accessible offline, online via web or app. WeSynch includes:


The target group of this service is Start-ups and it contains templates and information to give you a head start.

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Our digital board room and contract management system in a single solution. Simplify and become more efficient

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Early Stage review

Prepare your company for a Due Diligence

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Enroll Sweden

Everything you need to establish in Sweden

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Transactions and projects made efficient

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