Advisory services

The Advisory Services business unit provides legal support in a variety of legal areas on a daily basis to clients.



A solid legal foundation is a key component to continuous business success. In order to avoid unnecessary obstacles and to build this foundation, all companies need commercial and legal advice. Synch is focused on supporting clients’ everyday business and is, therefore, assisting clients both on an on-going basis as well as on strategic business issues.

Synch assists with reviewing, drafting, negotiating and administering of all kinds of commercial agreements and relationships such as agreements concerning agency, distribution, purchasing, production, cooperation, licensing, franchising, outsourcing, research, contract manufacturing, employment and clinical trials.

We have extensive business experience and many of Synch’s lawyers have a background as in-house legal counsel at national and international corporations in the field of life sciences, IT and telecoms. If an assignment is particularly complex or multi-jurisdictional, Synch creates and heads a group of experts assigned to assist the client.

Contact: Erica Antonovic or Anders Hellström



The day-to-day challenges of a corporate grow continuously due to the regulatory landscape and stakeholder expectations of a high level of corporate housekeeping and structured and efficient governance. For listed entities, challenges increase further due to the requirements stipulated in applicable market place regulations, governance codes and specific securities market legislation. For smaller companies, governance structures need to be adapted to the dynamics and needs among shareholders, where a shareholders’ agreement often supplements the statutory provisions of the Companies Act to set out the principles regarding the governance and reporting of the company. Furthermore, CSR matters have been escalated on the public agenda, and corporate compliance and social responsibility are today expected to be an integral part of the DNA of any Corporate.

Synch’s Corporate team is experienced in advising shareholders, boards of directors and management regarding the legal challenges they meet. Synch’s experience ranges from the very first steps of a start-up, via entrepreneur driven companies with external shareholders, to established companies, both listed and unlisted. We understand the various challenges and stakeholder expectations faced by all types of corporates and can adapt our advice to the given situation.

Contact: Andreas Börjesson or Cecilia Thuresson



A commercial dispute is often disruptive to the commercial activities of a company. It is therefore essential to solve the dispute with as little interference as possible. A well prepared legal strategy is fundamental in order to reach a commercially beneficial solution to the dispute.

Synch is not only contacted to assist the client when the dispute is a fact. Synch also assists clients in risk assessment and strategic planning so that the client is well positioned for a possible future dispute or settlement discussion.

Synch assists clients in commercial disputes in courts of law, national and international arbitration and alternative dispute resolutions. For certain disputes, industry expertise is needed. The dispute resolution group at Synch works closely with our in-house experts in areas such as life sciences, IT and telecoms. If the dispute is cross-border, Synch will assign an international team to assist the client in the best possible way.

Contact: Sara Sparring or Mathilda Nordmark



Intellectual property is becoming increasingly important to a company’s success. Whether it is a small, medium or large company, intellectual property is often the foundation on which the business is built; either as a key asset in commercial activities, or as the brand and image conveyed to customers.

Synch assists from the very beginning in creating a complete strategy to ensure an optimal protection of the client’s intellectual property rights. Such assistance includes strategic counselling, research, clearance, registration and commercialisation. Synch’s services include all types of intellectual property, such as copyright, trademarks, patents, design, domain names, unfair competition and trade secrets.

Synch further assists in the commercialisation, prosecution and enforcement of the client’s intellectual property rights. We assist clients in negotiating, drafting and reviewing commercial agreements and also through litigation in courts of law, national and international arbitration and alternative dispute resolutions. In addition, Synch works with preventive strategies to assist clients against, for example, counterfeiting.

Contact: Sara Sparring or Mathilda Nordmark



The regulatory framework governing business activities is constantly expanding and becoming even more complex. The authorities have greater opportunities to supervise legislative compliance, and are provided even greater powers to penalise breaches.

Synch’s lawyers provide both strategic and legal advice to clients within various types of regulated business areas such as telecommunications, life sciences and financial services. Synch’s work includes advice on the process of licence applications, draft compliance policies, such as anti-money laundering and KYC (know your customer) policies.

Synch also provides advice both within data protection and consumer protection, and has extensive experience in handling contacts with relevant authorities, including the Data Inspection Board, The Financial Services Authorities, The Post and Telecom Authority, the National Food Agency, the Medical Products Agency and the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Contact: Johan Tydén or Hampus Stålholm