About Us


Synch is a business oriented law firm with innovation and technology at its heart. We believe that lawyers and legal services always need to be in synch with the business environment. Legal services are to be provided in a pragmatic and accessible way. This is equally true for large, established industry companies as it is for small, fast-growing start-ups.

Synch wants to simplify the management of legal matters, both by providing packaged solutions and by making the best use of technology. In this way, Synch is able, and desires, to work more closely with its customers than traditional law firms, almost like an insourced legal department, taking part in the customers’ daily business.


Several of our lawyers are highly regarded individuals within their area of specialities and this has been recognised by the leading ranking institutes of legal services.


Synch was established in March 2014 by four founders whom each have been active in the legal services area during more than 15 years also as partners at an established international law firm. On 1 May 2014 Synch moved into its current offices at Birger Jarlsgatan 6 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Vision and Values

Synch’s vision is to be in harmony with the always changing need for business oriented legal services.

  • Clients’ success must always be our focus and the decisive factor in our daily work, since the quality we deliver is measured by our clients.
  • We shall help each other and let everyone focus on what he/she is best at and avoid doing things which can be done better by someone else.
  • We shall be transparent in all our dealings so that hardship as well as success can be shared by everyone.
  • We shall lead change, embrace technology and use it to our advantage to deliver our services efficiently.

Board of directors